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George Gongadze Prize

Межигірська вулиця 21, Київ, Україна
+38 (067) 4184411
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George Gongadze Prize is founded by PEN Ukraine in partnership with the Kyiv Mohyla Business School Alumni Association and the Ukrainska Pravda. It aims to support journalists who are not afraid of challenges and are able to find innovative ways of conveying the truth, who promote implementation of liberal reforms in Ukraine, and discover new opportunities for the whole media environment. It is annually awarded on 21 May, George Gongadze’s birthday.


17 Sep

Ціна слова. Про місію журналіста в боротьбі за правду

Pubic conversation 16:00 - 17:30 Що є вашим ресурсом і де ви його берете?