Stanyslav Asieiev

Україна, м. Київ
Ukrainian novelist and journalist from Donetsk. In 2014, after Russia-backed militants had occupied the city, he stayed in Donetsk to report on the developments in the region under pen name Stanislav Vasin. In May 2017 he was detained and charged for his publications that were seen by the so-called court as extremism activities. Aseyev was among hundreds of other Ukrainians sent to this prison for fabricated cases. He was freed as part of a bilateral release of prisoners between Ukraine.


19 Sep

Журналістика і окупація: як не ставати солдатами інформаційної війни і продовжувати працювати в Криму та на Донбасі?

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20 Sep

Листи з-за ґрат. Письменницький правозахисний марафон

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