Viktoria Amelina

Україна, м. Львів
Ukrainian writer. In 2014 debuted with a novel «November syndrome or Homo Compatiens», that was noticed by many critics and made it in the «LitAkcent-2014» rating of ten best works. In 2015 the book was republished and nominated for the Valeriy Shevchuk award, where it made it in the short-list. Since the childhood, she dreamed about writer career, but she has chosen the IT sphere, where she has been working as manager and programmer for international companies for 10 years.


15 Sep

Письменники вдома. Чим живуть літератори на карантині

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18 Sep

Невидима загроза: як ми стали один одному небезпечними?

Discussion | Тематичний напрямок: Фокусна тема фестивалю 17:00 - 18:30 Анкета самовизначення
19 Sep

Дискусія “І стіни, і мости. Що об’єднує українців?”

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